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Public Safety Innovation, Inc.

Excellence in Engineering

About Us

Our Mission:
“Innovative solutions using creativity and technology
to enable those who serve the public to serve the public better.”

Our Philosophy:

Innovation  -

We integrate creativity and technology to tackle unique and custom challenges that result in a change for the better.

Reliability  -

Our dedication to dependability results in the longevity of our products and loyalty of our customers.

Setting Industry Standards -

With excellence in mind, we are the leaders in the industry that set the standard by which others will follow. We establish the boundaries in our industry; those boundaries do not establish us. Infinite inspiration further above and beyond. We challenge the standard of excellence.

Collaboration  -

Merging our insight, experience and professionalism with the needs, visions and concerns of those we serve, our focus is on building collective and collaborative partnerships.

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Our History...

Serving the public safety industry with integrity and creativity since 2000 ...

Founded in February of 2000, PSI serves the public safety industry with quality equipment, reliable installation, and integrity. Build on a solid foundation of installation and engineering design services, PSI has made the many of the products internal to our success available to vehicle up-fitters, agencies, and those who strive for excellence in their systems.

Now developing innovative and creative products, PSI has stepped into the manufacturing arena with unequaled experience and an industry reputation for quality services. Look to PSI as a leader in consulting, installation and manufacturing of public safety equipment and communications.

Meet the team...

We combine the best industry experience, leadership and innovative problem solving to deliver outstanding products and services to all of our clients.


Chuck Schuler, P.E.
(President / CEO)

With 25 years of experience in vehicle electronics and communication systems, Chucks proficiency in system design provides the vision responsible for PSI long term success.  As a licensed Professional Engineer, Chuck is fully qualified to engineer and execute your emergency systems solution, providing your agency with peace of mind.

Chuck holds a BS in Electrical / Electronics Engineering with a minor in Business Administration and an MS/EEE in Digital Signal Processing and RF Communications. Working in industry since 1993 he has held engineering positions including design, test, applications, and marketing. His field experience as a First Responder in Communications gives him a unique foundation of qualifications to provide relevant, effective, technical and operational expertise.

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Marek Lechowski, (Chief Technology Officer)

With a BS and MS in Electrical / Electronics Engineering and Computer Architecture Design and 18+ years of engineering experience, Marek has proven himself as an innovator and master design engineer. He has design experience in electronics from the complexity of logic and network analyzers down to the basics of power supply design. As a true innovative thinker, his solid engineering foundation marries with his amazing, dynamic ability to bring unique and new ideas to any project. He is the technological core of PSI yet his highly effective skills are utilized from design engineering to installation. A true innovator, Marek's creations dazzle the imagination and challenge the creativity in all of us.


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John Aurelius, (Solutions Architect)

John brings more than 30 years of experience in technology and information systems as an employee and over 15 years as a consultant serving the spectrum of small business to Fortune 500 companies. Often known as an analyst and systems integrator, he works on both the hardware and software side of the solution. After a curriculum of Computer Science at the University of Minnesota's School of Business, School of Mathematics and School of Engineering, Mr. Aurelius graduated from the Defense Language Institute with a specialty in Chinese. He has held positions spanning from Programmer to Chief Technology Officer. Additionally, he has served as the Communications Unit Leader, a volunteer position, with a local county sheriff's department for over 10 years.

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Lucas Bennett,
(Service Manager)

Lucas is our lead installer and has been turning custom system designs in to reality for PSI since 2010. From Mobile Command Vehicles to UTV’s, we have yet to find a machine that he can’t tackle! Specializing in fabricating custom components to install video, radio and satellite systems.  "Attention to Detail" is Lucas' middle name and his desire to deliver a clean, functional and reliable vehicle is what makes him a perfect fit for PSI.



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Danielle Davis,
(Project Manager)

Danielle has been a part of the PSI team since 2008. She is in charge of putting together quotes, assuring we have the right parts for jobs, as well as all levels of project management. Please contact Danielle if you have any questions regarding:

*Statements of Work
*Project Updates
*Job Quotes
*General information




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Armando Sanchez,
(Integration Specialist)

Armando is responsible for component installation, testing and repair of integrated systems at PSI. He is passionate about advancements in lithium technology and is excited to incorporate the future of energy storage technology to vehicle systems. The only thing Armando enjoys more than good food is exercising his meticulous RJ45 termination and cable management skills.




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Don Teeter,
(Sr. Hardware Engineer)

PSI Sr. Hardware Engineer and Creative Designer, Don Teeter, specializes in board and system hardware development, design, manufacturing, and field applications. With over 25 years of experience across the design process including requirements definition, supplier management, design review coordination, CAD / layout management, layout for signal integrity, programmable devices, and manufacturing engineering. Dons past projects include printed circuit design, high-speed bus and interconnect design, design for manufacturing, design for test, design for EMC, system architecture, system design, programmable logic (eg FPGA) and synthesis, and OEM/ODM account technical management.

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Sebastian Merrick,
(Jr. Engineer & Videographer)

Working in a shop since the day he was able to hold a wrench, Sebastian is a Mechatronic Engineering major that offers unique perspectives in the workspace. His skills include videography, 3D modeling, welding CNC plasma cutting, and general production and component installation. He is a young jack of all trades that is perfectly happy getting his hands dirty on the newest tech or using his associates level Solid Works certification to design the next project. Sebastian is the hand that will help with anything and everything while learning as much as he can along the way. 



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Jana McKinny,
(Web Master/ Environmental Sustainability Technician)

With a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering, Associates of Science degree in Multimedia and Web Page Design and eight years of experience in data analytics Jana keeps our online presence from website to social media looking sharp. When she is not incorporating sustainable life-cycle practices into PSI's product offerings she loves tinkering with alternative fuel and mutant vehicles. Jana feesl incredibly fortunate to learn from the professional engineers and fabricators at PSI.





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