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Palo Alto OES

Mobile Emergency Operations Center

MEOC is the biggest of Palo Alto OES emergency response vehicle fleet and is deployed at least once a month.

  • Complete RIOS System install, testing and maintenance.
  • HDMI upgrade, installation of several televisions and monitors including a 75-inch HD Smart TV.
  • CoHu HD360 mast camera installation.
  • David Clark Communication System install including 4.9 antenna system.
  • Exterior LED flood lighting.
  • Backup inverter UPS system installation.

Mobile Support Vehicle

  • Emergency lighting wiring redesign and upgrade.
  • Will-Burt mast installation including custom manufactured mast top.
  • Solar power battery maintenance system.
  • Surround LED flood lighting.
  • In Motion router installation.

Mobile Support Trailer

Palo Alto's trailer project, used to house and transport a 24 KW generator, was truly a blak canvas. Providing PSI the perfect opportunity to showcase the best of our engineering design and installation services.

  • Custom shelving unit with netting.
  • Custom rail and lock system for safe load/unload of the generator equipped with heavy duty casters.
  • Upgraded interior LED lighting, exterior LED flood lights.
  • New interior and exterior paint with custom signage.
  • upgraded trailer jack system
CoHu HD360 mast camera installation.